Drugs are highly used in our community, and mainly by youths. Some take them for leisure. Many youths have been influenced by the drugs a lot.

Drugs lead them to do strange things that they can’t do in their normal state, others steal, involve themselves in rape cases. Drugs and crime go hand in hand, many people who are drug addicts are also in crime cases.

Youths are so lazy to work; they need food, shelter, clothes and finance. Instead of working they spend much time in solitude place where they hung out with their friends, and because they have nothing to do and nowhere to go they try out different ways of charming them, and so get into drugs.

Because of the hanging out the whole day, the day is wasted and nothing gained, they think on how they can acquire money, they can’t go to work at night so they are force to struck out a deal on how to get some. Stealing is the only way out, and so they go for it. At times things turn out successfully and that give them morale to indulge in it deeper.

The more they hung out the more the crime gung becomes stronger. Many of our youths go through that and at times when things don’t really go well they lose their dear lives. Funny thing about the whole situation is that those who survive never give up; they still hung out, use drugs that confuse them even more.

Those who involve themselves in crimes never give up until their last breath. Crime life is hard but drugs help them to view it as simple and fun. But if drugs weren’t there at least they would have realized what they are going through. But with each passing day we just wish for change to come on our way.



I am Valeria Kasaya, 19 years old, the only girl in the family of four. I am the only child to my mum but the last born to my dad. I have step siblings who are all boys.

I come from western part of Kenya but recently moved to Kawangware located near Nairobi area. I attended Riruta Methodist Academy for my primary level and St. Ursula girls’ high school for my O level. It is my wish that I’ll be able to join St. Johns ICT College and also to someday achieve to be in the career of my dream: accountancy.

When am free I like to get out with friends, chat with them and get to know and to understand their knowledge on various issues, dance with them; just have a great fun out with the people who I care about and also care for me.

In life one has to have people he/she looks out to and for me Mandela, Barrack Obama, Raila Odinga and my mum are the ones I admire. They are like the pillar that gives me the motivation to be an achiever and to look at life on a brighter note.

An challenge to the communities that I have grown to hate is the issue of insecurity in the slum areas, the poverty that impoverish the life of a promising society making them go hungry for days. I wish for a united society where everyone is the brother’s keeper, this will enable us to coexist in a peaceful society.